Friday, July 18, 2008

Payments & Postage

So far, I have posted mostly items that I brought overseas to sell. If you are a real shopper, you can tell that the pricing that I had put up is far more cheaper than the prices outside. Therefore, the merchandises are worth buying.

If you are interested in any of the products, you can send me an email to inform me the product you are interested. The postage will be paid by you as I am using the SingPost to mail out the products. Of course, you can choose to pick the goods up. The places to pick up the goods would be at International Plaza (Anson Road) or PWC Building (Telok Ayer Street).

Payments of the goods can be cash, cheque, funds transfer using either ATM or Internet or Paypal (which accept credit cards payment).

I would also create catalogues for you to download so that you can browsed through it at your leisure time. The catalogues will be in PDF format.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fuschia Pink Sling Bag (SOLD)

Product code: BG0003
Size: 30.5cm (width) x 35.5cm (length)
Price: S$12.95
Made in India
Embroidered Sling Bag with seashell frills
Zipper pocket inside
Velcro flip open front
Sling belt is about 95cm long

Monday, July 14, 2008

Embroidered Sling Bag SOLD

Product code: BG0002
Size: 30.5cm (width) x 29cm (length)
Made in India
Sling length is around 90cm
Velcro Flip front with embroidered and sequins design
Inside there is a zipper
Price: S$12.95

Embroidered Coin Purse (SOLD)

Product code: BG0001
Size: 12cm (W) x 10.5cm(H)
Price: S$5.95
From Vietnam
Only 1 design
Beaded Zip holder

Opened Toe Blue Beaded Shoe (SOLD)

Product code: KS0003
Kid Size: Unknown (about 16.5cm long)
Price: S$9.95
From Vietnam
Only 1 design and 1 size

Red Closed Toe Beaded Shoe (SOLD)


Product code: KS0002
Kid Size: 12 (about 16cm)
Price: S$9.95
From Vietnam
Only 1 size and 1 design

Closed Toe Blue Beaded Shoe (SOLD)

Product code: KS0001
Kid's size: 10 (about 19cm)
Price: S$9.95
From Vietnam
Only 1 size and 1design

Imported Goods

Since the last post, I have taken some photos on the merchandises that I am selling. These goods here are gathered all over the world as I travelled. There consist of childrens' shoes, ladies' bags and coin purses. I will put them up for you to see and as for the pricing will be indicated besides the merchandise.

As for payment of the merchandises, you can contacted me using email. My email address is

I hope you will enjoy browsing through my blog and find something you like.