Friday, November 14, 2008

Elastic Glass Bracelet

Product code: BR0003
Length: about 18cm
Revised Price: S$9.95
Location: Made in Singapore
Materials: Assorted beads with elastic string
This bracelet is using elastic string to string the glass beads. The focal point is using the four pieces of glass oval flower beads. The rest is used glass seed beads. This bracelet will captured attention and envy from the passerby or your friends. This is one piece design, no duplicate, and will be a great gift for friends.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beaded Clutch Evening Bag (SOLD)

Product code: BG0009
Color: Red, Black, Green
Location: Made in Vietnam
Quantity: 1 each in the color
Size: 9cm(width) x 15.5cm(length) x 6.5cm(heigth)
Revised Price: S$10.95
I brougth this clutch bags from Vietnam. The bags are beautifully embroidered and beaded. The bags can be a very eye-catching evening bags. These bags will be a great gift for your friends and families.