Saturday, November 22, 2008

Handmade Bags Quality????

Recently, I had an incident with a customer in regards of my bags that I made. She was a bit worried that my bag has been put on the shelf for too long as she seems to be concerned about the yellow spots on the fabric. The interior of the bag is made of calico which tend to have yellow spots on them. I can assure everybody who brought or going to buy my bags, there are made recently or purchased from overseas recently. There are put in the air-conditioning room or I should said dehumifier room to stay dry and clean.

The bags that I made can be washed by hand or washing machine but remember to put them in the laundry bag before putting them in the washing machine. Some darker color bags might need to wash separatly as the color might run.

Anywhere, I need to thank the customer for her concern. It gives me a chance to clear up the misunderstanding of my bags or the quality of my works.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dagger Beads Love Bracelet (SOLD)


Product code: BR0004
Length: around 18cm long
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Revised Price: S$9.95
Materials: Swarovski Dagger Beads and Fire Polished Glass Beads
This bracelet is designed and made by me. The dagger shaped beads are swarovski beads that I brought long time ago. Because of the color, it was difficult to come out with someting interesting. Until recently, I matched them with the nude color fire polished beads and turn out to be fantastic. The bracelet has a hint of elegance but also can be dress down. This bracelet will elongated your hand after putting it on.

Cowboy Teddy Bag (SOLD)

Product code: HBG0006
Size: 47cm (width) x 28cm (height)
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Revised Price: S$15.95
Materials: Ribbon, Corduroy, Cotton, Polyester
When making this bag, I want something fun and interesting. Then I came across the teddy bear fabric I had and decided to use this as my theme. It is cute and playful. A bag that can be used during holidays or casual. It can hold upto 4kg of weight, very suitable for polytechnic or university students to use it as a school bag.

Dainty Tote Bag (SOLD)

Product code: HBG0005
Size: 36.5cm (length) x 17cm (height)
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Price: S$11.95
Materials: Lace, Ployester fabric, Iron-on motif, Corduroy & Satin
This tote bag is made by me. It has a satin front pocket in front to put your loose change and MRT card. When doing this bag, I tried mix and match the fabric together to create a different look. This bag can carried up to 2kg to 3 kg of weight. It has a button inside to keep the bag closed. This bag has an English-feel to it. It can be reversible from the inside to have a different look.