Thursday, December 11, 2008

Flower Pendant Bracelet

Product Code: BR0005
Length: around 19cm long
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Revised Price: S$6.95
Materials: Polymer clay, Seed beads
This is the same as the Waterdroplet Pendant that I done. I used the clay to do a Flower Pendant and used it to make a bracelet. It would be something different. The pendant can be taken out and wear it as a necklace pendant on any necklace string. This polymer clay have a shimer dust in it, therefore it will sparkles when there is light shining on it. Be the front runner wearing a pendant in your wrist.

Chuncky Waterdroptlets Pendant Necklace

Prodcut code: NKL0005
Length: around 23.5cm long (each side)
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Revised Price: S$8.95
Materials: Polymer Clay, Leather cord string
This is my first attempt using polymer clay to make something. The end product actually surprises me. I did not know I can make something so unique and individual pendant. This pendant is the centre of attention therefore no other beads are required when making this necklace. Polymer clay is a fun thing to use and create your own artpiece or signature works.

Comfy Day Travel Bag (SOLD)

Product code: HBG0007
Size: 56mm (width) x 39mm (height)
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Revised Price: S$19.95
Materials: Ribbon, Corduroy, Cotton, Polyester Felt
This is a very big but strong bag. It is also reversible bag with a bright yellow interior fabric. This bag can be used as a day trip bag to put your clothes and some belongings for your outings. Or you can used it as a bag to go to classes in your school. It is trendy and yet functional bag to use. It actually quite difficult when making this bag because of the size of the bag. The front fabric is cuddly and soft while the inside fabric is bright and sunny. So whichever side you decide to use, you will have two different looks.