Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seashell Chippy Choker Necklace

Product code: NKL0010
Price: SGD11.95
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Materials used: Seashell chips, Glass seed beads
Length: around 34cm long (when straighten)
This is a real choker style. It is very short and sits just next to your neck. It is also very holidays feel. The seashell bits came from an old necklace of mine. The whole look vibrates with breezies when you put it on.

Brown Flower Bouquet Bracelet

Product code: BR0008
Price: SGD12.95
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Materials Used: Swaroski crystal beads, Seed beads, Polymer Clay, chain & jump ring
Length: around 20cm
This is another of my polymer clay series. This is an unique bracelet as it acts like a bangle. It slips onto your wrist rather than using a screw clasps or hook-on clasps. So it would be loose for some people with a thin wrist. The flower bouquet is the focal point of the bracelet. It was purposely to put the polymer clay flower off centre to create a different look/feel. Modern and yet contemporary bracelet to be added to your collection.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Late Greetings!!!!

Is Chinese New Year already???? I am so busy with my son nowadays that I forgot to send my greetings to you all. Since the starting of the year, my son went into the playgroup at MMI for half day lesson. So I had to make sure he is adapting to the enviroment and the people around. But to my surprises, my son actually enjoy the school. He seems to learn a lot from the school even though he is only 20 months old. He can hardly spoken a few words but he seems to speak more words than usual. So I am glad to sent him there.

Happy Chinese New Year to Everybody. Enjoy your CNY but do take care as too much CNY goodies can make you sick. So take care and enjoy your CNY.