Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Discounted List 2


Usual Price: S$6.95 NOW: S$3.95 each
Usual Price: S$5.95 NOW: S$3.95
Usual Price: S$6.95 NOW: S$3.95
Usual Price: S$6.95 NOW: S$3.95

Monday, February 2, 2009

Post Chinese New Year Sale!!!!

Since my sewing machine is in now and I need to earn quite a bit to payoff my sewing machine, I am holding a SALE now!!

Usual Price: SGD12.95 NOW: SGD7.95

Usual Price: SGD5.95 NOW: SGD 2.95

Usual Price: SGD9.95 NOW: SGD5.95

Usual Price: SGD6.95 NOW: SGD3.95

This is not the end but the beginnings. There will be more products being listed SALE. Therefore, grab your wallet and make your purchases NOW!!!

New Sewing Machine!!!!

Hurray!!! I finally got my new sewing machine. This sewing machine is different from the Brother sewing machine that I had. Different brand too. This ones comes with lots of functions including embrodiary detailing. This means from now onwards, babies' blankets, handbags, clothes, anything that I want can be embroided. Oh yes, the brand of this machine is Bernina Artista 730. There is one setback is that my heart is bleeding too. The price of the sewing machine is more than any other sewing machine you see. This means that I had to sew more and sell more in order to make the money back.

Stay tuned for my latest embrodiray series products.