Friday, March 12, 2010

Preloved Manga Set 5 (SOLD)

Product code: SJ0009
Price: SGD15.00
Language: Chinese
No. of manga: 1-5 completed
Title: Shippu Karen Jinrai Komusume
Author: Ayun Tachibana
Publisher: Chang Hong
Book Conditions:
Like Brand New, No tears, No yellowish pages, No cigarette smell
Story Outlines:
A romance story that is filled fantasy. A boy who is the owner of the temple happend to save a baby fox spirit when he was young. 18 years later, the boy grown up and the fox spirit returned to repay his kindness. Comfused and scared, he ran away from her. As all story goes, there are ups and downs and twist and turns and the ending is happily ever after.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ivory Turtle Pendant Bracelet

Product code: BR0024
Price: SGD9.95
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Materials used: Ivory turtle pendant, wooden beads, leather cord
This is a simple bracelet for casual dressing. The materials used are from an old bracelet of mine. I recycled everything except for the leather cord is brand new. A bracelet which is enviroment friendly and also stylish to wear. The turtle pendant can actually be taken out to wear on its own.