Friday, March 26, 2010

Seaside Choker Necklace

Product code: NKL0025
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Price: SGD11.95
Materials used: Semi-precious stone chips & seed beads
Length: around 30cm (when straighten)
This necklace is simple and casual but can let you brighten your outfit effortlessly. I brought the stone chips long time ago so I cannot remember the name of the stone. Great accessory to use when you are on holidays.

Ivory Fish Pendant Bracelet

Product code: BR0025
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Price: SGD9.95
Materials used: Leather cord, wooden beads, ivory fish bead
This bracelet is make out of my old bracelet. I recycled the old beads and pendant. A casual looking but unique bracelet that can show your uniqueness.

Glass Teddy Bear Earrings

Product code: ER0025
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Price: SGD9.95
Materials used: Rhodium Earrings Hooks, Glass Teddy bears beads
Simple, fun, cute looking teddy bears earrings. Brighten up your day with this pair of cuddly loving teddy bears.

Preloved Manga Set 7 (SOLD)

Product code: SJ0011
Price: SGD12.00
Language: Chinese
Publishers: Tongli
Hong Se Joker, Ye Wan De Cheng Ren Tong Hua, Tian Guo De Bei Fang (Hanyu Pinyin)
Sachi Minami, Toda Megumi, Akiho Fujimoto/Koki Mitani
Books Condition:
Tip Top Condition, Like Brand New, No Tears, No Yellowish pages, No Cigarette Smell
School Romance, A little bit of ecchi, Romance & Humor are all inclusive in this 4 books.

Preloved Manga Set 6 (SOLD)

Product code: SJ0010
Price: SGD12.00
Language: Chinese
Publishers: Tongli & Chang Hong
Titles: Bi Le Yuan, Shi Jie Di Yi Xin Fu Huan Li & Mi Tam Gong Ju (Sugar Princess) in Hanyu Pinyin
Authors: Hisaya Nakajo, Akemi Matsunae & Aya Roppongi
Books Conditions: In Mint Conditions, No Tears, No Yellowish Pages, NoCigarette Smell
Stories Outlines:
The mangas above are girl comics. There are romance and humor stories. Great illustrations and enjoyable to read.

"Sammy" Mobile Accessory

Product code: OOT0003
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Price: SGD6.95
Materials used: Wooden star bead, Glass Alphabets beads, fire polished glass beads, semi-precious stone garnet beads
This is the first time I tried to create mobile accessories. Using the glass alphabets beads, I tried to come out a few names that people can hang on their mobile.

Multi-colored Y Shaped Necklace

Product code: NKL0024
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Y droplength: 7cm long (landed around the cleavage)
Necklace lenght: 20cm long
Price: S$12.95
This necklace is made of glass chips and semi-precious chips. Besides the red Y-shaped necklace, there is another one which is in blue. This necklace will brighten your little black dress or your casual denim look. Also, it will be a great gift now for your friends or families.