Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pre-loved Anime DVD/VCD

I am just wondering anybody likes to buy any anime dvd & vcd. I have a huge collections of anime that I wanted to get rid off. There are still in tip top conditions, no scratches on the disc and region-free. All my anime are brought from overseas and they are legal copies. They all come in both chinese & english subtitles.

Here is the list of anime I have:

Dear Boys Complete Box Set (dvd) SGD12.99
Aiyoriaoshi Complete Box Set (dvd) SGD15.99
Shin Angyo Onshi (vcd) SGD6.99
Zhong Hua Yi Fang (vcd) SGD7.99
Basilisk Complete (vcd) SGD6.99
Trinity Blood Complete (vcd) SGD6.99
Hime Complete Box Set (dvd) SGD12.99
Spiral Complete Box Set (dvd) SGD12.99
Godannar Season 1 & 2 Complete Box Set (dvd) SGD19.99
Magister Negi Magi Part 1 & 2 (dvd) SGD16.99
Yakitate Japan Complete Box Set (dvd) SGD19.99
Tenjho Tenge Ultimate Fight OVA (dvd) SGD9.99
Inuyasha Complete Box Set (dvd) SGD69.99
Prince of Tennis Complete Box Set (dvd) SGD69.99
Fly High Complete Set (vcd) SGD9.99
Tactics Vol. 1-26 end (vcd) SGD9.99
Pretear Complete Set (dvd) SGD12.99
City Hunter 7 VCD disc set SGD9.99

Above are just a small fraction of my anime collection. If you are interested, please email me the titles you want. My email address is or you can use the order form I have on my blog to order the titles you want.