Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Colorful Phoenix Birds Tote Bag

Product code: HGB0012
Location: Singapore
Price: SGD16.99
Size: 27.5cm (width) x 25cm (length)
This is entirely handmade and embroidered by myself. As you can see from the pictures, this bag consists of two-sides. Both sides using the same embroidery designs but using different colors threads to create different phoenix. This bag interior is as good as the exterior. I am using wadding form inside the bag, therefore the bag feels comfy like hugging a teddy bear. It is soft and spongy.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Purple Cat's Eyes Choker Necklace

Product code: NKL0027
Location: Singapore
Price: SGD15.99
Materials used: Purple Cat's Eyes beads, fire-polished glass daggers
This is uniquely design  and handmade by myself. Using cat's eyes beads of different sizes to create a different textures and feel, the glass daggers beads added in the fun and statement making elements to the necklace. Set the trend, lead the trend and be yourself.

Swinging Glass Teddy Bear Earrings

Product code: ER0027
Location: Singapore
Price: SGD9.99
Materials used: Glass Teddy Bears, Seed beads
This is locally produced and design by myself. Lots of TLC had put in to make this pair of earrings. All my creations only comes in 1 pairs or 1 set or 1 piece. One of a kind design. I tried not to duplicate my creations and make them as unique as possible. I always take pride in my design. As for the pricing can be so affordable, this is due to bulk buying  and many circumstances. I can assure you that quality of the pieces always will be the best you get.