Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Wicked" Broadway Musical Tickets (SOLD)

I have brought tickets to watch "Wicked" Broadway Musical on 7 Jan 2012, 7:30pm show. Due to some unforeseen reasons, I cannot make it on that day. Therefore to the lucky ones out there who are interested in the show, please get the tickets from me. Below are the information:

Location: Marina Bay Sands - Grand Theater
Date: 07/01/2012
Time: 7:30pm
Seats: Row T 36 & 37 (Stalls)
Price: SGD300.00
Catergory 3 seats

Crocs Tigger Toddler Shoes (SOLD)

Product No.: KS0007
Location: Singapore
Price: SGD14.99
Brand: Crocs
Conditions: Brand New, Tip Top Conditions, Never Worn
Size: Crocs size 8-9
Kept in a non-smoking home and nevery have a chance wearing the shoes. Still brand new, the sole is still nice and clean. Part of Tigger & Pooh Design Series.

Grey Velvety Ankle Boots (SOLD)

Product No.:  WMS0001
Location: Singapore
Brand: Algera
Size: 36
Price: SGD16.99
Conditions: Brand New, Never Worn
Kept in non-smoking home. Tip top conditions, brand new and never worn. Brought it during my pregnancy, but now I cannot wear them. So please give this pair of shoes a new home.

PUMA Ferari Toddler Shoes (SOLD)

Product No.: KS0008
Location: Singapore
Price: SGD19.99
Brand: PUMA
Size: UK 8 / US 9
Conditions: Brand New, Tip Top Conditions, Never Worn
Kept in a non-smoking home. Brought it for Chinese New year but my son outgrown it fast, therefore never get a chance wearing it. Brand new, the sole still clean and unscratch.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Red Japanese Porcelin Earrings

Product code: ER0026
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Price: SGD12.95
Materials used: Porcelin Flower beads, bead caps, semi-precious stone - garnet
An authentic looking earrings to enhance your look. This earrings is simple and yet elegant.

Pink Stars Lovers Brooch

Product code: BR0006
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Price: SGD9.99
Materials used: Wooden pink stars, Semi precious stone chips, Chains, Fire polished glass beads
Pink is up and going. All ladies and little girls come and grab your little stars before it is back to the sky. Only one design. One of a kind piece in the world.

Green Pearls Chain Bracelet

Product code: BR0027
Location: Singapore
Price: SGD9.99
Materials used: Plastic Green Pearls, Glass bugle beads
This is a chain bracelet. Using the link techniques, I created this unique but simple bracelet for daily wear. The link is individually made and strung together. Using the jump rings to link everything together. The reason for using jump rings to link them is to give the bracelet more movement and easy removable of the links yourself if you want it to be shorter.

Peace Maker Kurogane Anime DVD

Product code: ANI0001
Location: Singapore
Region Code: All codes
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English & Chinese
No. of Disc: 3 (Complete Set)
Conditions: Still Brand New, Non-smoking environment, Tip Top Quality Conditions, No scratches or yellowish on the discs
Price: SGD14.00
Story Synosis:
Although traumatized by witnessing the murder of his parents by one of the Choushuu, Ichimura Tetsunosuke's thirst for revenge lead him to desire strength. At the age of 15, Tetsunosuke approached the Shinsengumi, wanting to become one of its members. However, Tetsunosuke lacked the skill, mind and will to emotionlessly cut down whoever threatened peace and the Shinsengumi. Even with the support of his brother Tatsunosuke and his newfound friends of the Shinsengumi, little did Tetsunosuke know the blood and pain he would have to face being part of this historical group.