Friday, August 24, 2012

Caspar Weather Report


This is a small video clip that my son is reporting a typhoon in Taiwan. He is so excited when he heard that typhoon is approaching Taiwan. He screamed and shout to everybody he saw and said "Typhoon is here. Typhoon is here. Take cover.". Enjoy the little rascal imagination.


I will be setting up a new label, Recipes, for those people out there who loves to cook and bake like me. I know I had some many things happening on my blog. But this is me, I love to use my hands to make, create stuffs. Therefore, cooking and baking are part of my interests too. New bags and accessories will be coming soon too.

Baking Baking Baking!!!!

Recently, I started my baking again. Most the cakes and cupcakes that I made are bananas. Bananas cakes, cupcakes, bananas and cashew nuts cupcakes and bananas chiffon cakes. All being requested by my mum. She loves my bananas cakes and breads. While my hubby ate anything that I baked or cooked , my son loves to watch and supervise my baking. He will then finished eating all my cupcakes. He has been asking me to make sushi and ice cream. I might take this opportunity to use my ice cream machine. Too bad folks, no photos to show you how my cakes looked like. I will baked again and take a photo to post it on my blog. Therefore, look up for my latest invention.

Taiwan Trip is Fantastic!!!

Recently, my hubby was posted to Taipei for couple of weeks. Since the opportunity came knocking, I took up my bags and flew to Taiwan with my son. It was a fantastic trip and a fabulous hotel. We are staying at the Sherwood Hotel which is apparently the top hotel in the region. Guess what I saw some Hong Kong stars over there too. I also experienced the starting of typhoon on our last few days of our stay. The night markets in Taiwan is sooo crowded and soooo expensive. I went to Shilin Night Market to experience their night life. It was packed with tourists and locals too. I saw something I like and asked the price. I had a shock of my life. A pant for TWD980 which I can get two or even more at the WuFenPu Market. A piece of advice if you want to get clothes, shoes or any other things, go to WuFenPu Market to check out the prices first. Don't get beaten off by the seller.

We brought our son to the volcano in Taiwan, Yang Ming Shan, which is very scenic. You can actually bring some eggs there and cooked your own hot spring eggs. There is also a hot spring foot bath pool and a hot spring pools for you to dip. Warning: You must be naked to go into the pools!!! My son loves the hot spring foot bath and played there for quite a while.

We went to the zoo too to look at the pandas. They are so cute. Due to the crowds,we cannot stayed put in one area and have to move. Therefore, we could only have a few minutes glimpse of the panda. Other than that, the Taiwan zoo is nothing much compared to Singapore zoo.