Monday, September 10, 2012

Snow White's Apples Earrings

Product No.: ER0031
Location: Made & Design in Singapore
Price: SGD9.99
Materials used: Plastic seed beads, Pink glass beads, chains, plastic silver apples
Poison apples, anyone??? Snow white is the prettiest lady of all. Anybody wants to be a Snow White for a day?? Try wearing this pair of earrings. Who knows what adventure it will brings you!!!

Steam Tofu with Fried Sakura Prawns

Last Friday, I have decided to eat healthy so I steamed most of my food. This is one of the dishes that my family loves to eat. It is a simple dish that you can bring lots of variations in like Steamed Tofu with minced pork or chicken or Steamed Tofu on its own, etc.

A box of tofu that is meant for steaming
200g of Sakura prawns (can brought it from any supermarkets)
a pinch of salt
2 teaspoon of light soya sauce
a dash of sesame oil
freshly grinned peppers (mixed peppercorns prefer)

1) Steamed the tofu for about 8 - 10 minutes
2) Once the tofu is done, stir fried the prawns till it was golden brown
3) Then add a pinch of salt into the prawns for favour
4) Pour the prawns on top of the tofu
5) Drizzle the light soya sauce, grinned peppers and a dash of sesame oil over the prawns and tofu

You can add the 200 grams of minced  pork or chicken instead of prawns. Please marinade the mince before cooking them. Marinade with sesame oil, light soya sauce and peppers for about 30 minutes or more. Heat the wok up  high then throw in the mince and stir fry till it was broken apart into tiny bits. Then pour on top of the tofu.

Enjoy the dish!!