Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Little Moonstone Drummers Brooch

Product No.: BR0008
Location: Sembawang, Singapore
Price: SGD 15.99
Materials used: Moonstone Beads, Bali Flower beads, Black seed beads, Fire polished glass chips beads
Doesn't the moonstone beads looked like the Chinese drums or the Korean drums that we saw on TV or performance? This brooch is created based on that concept.

Little Dancing Sticks Earrings

Product No.: ER0032
Location: Sembawang, Singapore
Price: SGD8.99
Materials used: Fire polished glass beads, Black earring hooks
I have been asked why my creations pieces the pricing are so low. The main reason is I brought the beads and other materials in bulk from wholesalers. This piece I created to resemble the used matchsticks. From unused matchstick to the used ones. It might be simple but isn't life supposed to be like this.

Preloved Hovercraft Toy (SOLD)

Product No.: TOY002
Location: Sembawang, Singapore
Price: SGD16.99
My son has this toy last Christmas. He only played it once on water. It really hovered pretty good. The toy can move both on water and on land. It was a bit too difficult to control for a 4 years old kid. It comes with a chargeable battery for the hovercraft but not the control. The toy still in tip-top condition since it was hardly played with. It was kept in a non-smoking environment.